DIY Drum Smoker Kit
DIY Drum Smoker Kit
DIY Drum Smoker Kit
DIY Drum Smoker Kit
DIY Drum Smoker Kit
DIY Drum Smoker Kit

DIY Drum Smoker Kit

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This drum smoker kit is perfect for someone who has a 55 gallon drum and a spare few hours. This kit includes bolt on parts, no welding required.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Vortex charcoal basket (helps minimize hot spots in smoker and reduces the chance of your meat burning)
  • 3 Carbon steel caster mounts with 2" swivel stem casters 
  • 1 Carbon steel ergonomic lid lift handle with 6" stainless steel spring handle
  • 1 Carbon steel air intake (with grease flange & air indicator sticker)
  • 2 Carbon steel side handles 
  • 1 Carbon Steel bolt on exhaust with thermometer port or screw in exhaust with thermometer port  (select option)
  • 1 Stainless steel, 3" face dial thermometer  
  • 1 Carbon steel lid hinge 
  • 1 Carbon steel 5 level adjustable grate system (accepts Weber style food grates. Makes it easy to raise and lower grate)
  • 1 Stainless steel hardware set
  • USA Domestic Ground Shipping Included 

Here is what is not included in the kit: 55 gallon drum (best if you can find a unlined, straight wall drum), Weber style food grate (can be found at most hardware stores), high temperature paint, and RTV high temperature adhesive (for securing the grease flange to floor of smoker, can be found at most hardware stores). 

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