Hillbilly Offense Competition BBQ class


What will you learn?

1) How to select your meat
2) How to trim the meat
3) How to marinate, rub and inject the meat
4) What ingredients to use for each meat
5) When to marinate, rub and inject the meat
6) How to fire up your smoker
7) What woods to use
8) What temperature to cook at
9) How long to cook
10) How to "read" your  meat
11) When and  how to wrap the meat
12) What ingredients to add when wrapping the meat
13) What temperatures to key on
14) How to rest the meat
15) How to cut the meat for turn in
16) What to do after you cut the meat

The class is money well spent if your serious about getting more calls or simply wowing your friends and relatives. Eric often hears attendees tell him they have been at other classes, paid twice as much and learned much less. 
Statement from Eric- " I have accomplished about everything in the world of BBQ that I have ever dreamed of. My goal is now to help you achieve your goals. Thanks, Eric "Bubba" Burkhart".
If you want to take the class, please call Eric at 573-291-0259 or email him at bubbaflavor@hotmail.com. Please note Eric limits the size of the class so attendees can get individualized attention. If you want to assure your place in the class, we suggest you do not hesitate to call Eric to get signed up.
Here is what Gary K said about the class:


"Many folks have posted on here about how good Eric Burkhart's class is and recommended it. We just finished up taking Eric's class over the weekend and I wanted to share with you guys about our experience. (We have taken two other classes to date and they both were very good classes; the first one was Bob Snelson's class and the second was Rod Gray's class). Eric's class stands out.

At the top of the list (for me) is the atmosphere. It wasn't a class - it was an experience. From the time we got there to the time we left, it was like a different world; it was fun, it was informal, it was friendly but most importantly it was informative. As the old saying goes, it was like drinking from a fire hose. One of my thoughts driving the long trip back home was that I couldn't believe we've been cooking BBQ for two and a half years and yet learn so much in 24 hours. It was so different from what we have been doing that it was like starting over. And that's what we wanted - something different. We were tired of the same results so we knew we needed to do something else.

The other thing I was impressed with was the amount of help and support that Eric and Robin had at that class from people who had taken the class before and were there just to 'hang out'. I could tell how much they respected and liked the Burkharts - and that speaks volumes.

Yes they feed you breakfast and they feed you supper and they feed you snacks (I gained two pounds) but so do the other classes. They feed you information that you can USE; what they are doing now - today - that is working for them. I just can't say enough about how good this experience has been for Tammy and I.

I have more to share but this post is long enough. Yes it is affordably priced and yes it is good - but it is sooo much more than that! We can't say thank you enough to Eric and Robin!"