Red Hunsaker Smoker Barbecue Smoker

At first glance a Hunsaker Vortex Smoker™ looks like a fancy drum smoker.  On second glance you'll see why a vortex smoker is unlike any other smoker.  When you fire the smoker up and cook on it you realize why it's the best smoker in its category.  At a price point of $799 for a standard vortex smoker a person might experience an initial sticker shock.  Good thing the sticker shock soon wears off when you fully realize what you just purchased.

Every Hunsaker Vortex Smoker™ comes standard with:

  • Vortex fire basket actually causes the air to spin inside the smoker which helps reduce hot spots (like a convection oven) giving you the perfect environment for producing awesome barbecue.  The vortex fire basket holds charcoal, has a built in ash pan, and a vortex plate on top that causes the air to spin.  The vortex plate also acts as a heat deflector reducing the chance of burning what you're smoking.  Patent pending.


  • Color choices of Red, Black, and Granite. Custom color options are available, call for quote.

  • High quality locking front caster keeps the smoker from rolling away.  Made out of metal and high quality polymers.  Simply push down with your foot to lock your smoker in place and pull up with your foot to release the lock.

  • Large rear wheels allows you to move your smoker on almost any terrain.  Don't let gravel or a grassy slope stop you from moving your smoker anymore!

  • A wide wheelbase for stability on most terrains.  Rear wheels extend outside the body of the smoker providing a stable base.

  • Only weighs around 110 pounds means you don't have to manhandle your smoker anymore.  Since the smoker has large wheels simply roll it around and save your back.

  • Adjustable cooking rack system gives you multiple cooking height options.  Our unique system makes changing cooking height easy, just insert three holding pins and place the grate on top.  Oh, the cooking grate is very stable too and can hold a lot of weight.

  • Floating hinged lid lets you raise and lower the lid without taking it off.  Now you no longer have to find a place to set your lid or worry about damaging the paint by setting the lid on the edge of the smoker.  Lid includes a lock for the times you want to keep the lid up.  The design keeps the lid perfectly aligned for easy thermometer readings, proper air seal, and air exhaust adjustments.  Patent pending.

Floating hinged lid.

  • Thermometer placement is located in the exhaust tube keeping it away from potential damage and allowing you to get a temperature reading without stooping down.  Our thermometers are also adjustable by using a screwdriver to calibrate.

  • CNC cut parts ensures a tight fit and precise, uniform looking parts.

  • Logo plate for displaying your competition barbecue team, business name, or sports team logo.  Many people put magnetic stickers on their logo plates.  The logo plate is made out of rolled steel that matches the contours of the smoker.

  • Free shipping in the Continental United States.

  • Foot controlled centralized air intake lets you control the amount of air that goes into the smoker by sliding a lever with your foot.  The air intake eliminates cross wind issues and unnecessary external fixtures.


Blueprint showing all the barbecue smoker features. 

"More than just a drum smoker, it's a Hunsaker Vortex Smoker™ !"