What sets a Hunsaker Vortex Smoker apart from our competition?

We manufacture top quality drum smokers for barbecue professionals and those who want expert results at an affordable price. Compare our standard features to any barbecue smoker and see the difference. 

Every Hunsaker Vortex Smoker™ comes standard with:

  • The Vortex fire basket: Helps mix the air inside the smoker to reduce hot spots (like a convection oven). The vortex plate also acts as a heat deflector and creates a steamy, smoky sauna for your food.  Patented.

  • Color choices of Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, cast iron, and Flat Black. 

  • High quality locking front caster keeps the smoker from rolling away.  Made out of metal and high quality polymers.


  • Large rear wheels allows you to move your smoker on almost any terrain and up trailer ramps easily.


  • A wide wheelbase for stability and easy leveling on most terrain.  

  • Only weighs around 110 pounds so you easily roll it around one-handed.

  • Adjustable cooking rack system gives you five cooking height options. Our unique system makes changing position easy -- just position the heavy-duty grates at your desired level and twist it into place. Patent pending.


  • Floating hinged lid lets you raise and lower the lid without taking it off.  Now you no longer have to find a place to set your lid or worry about damaging the paint by setting the lid on the edge of the smoker.  Lid includes a lock for the times you want to keep the lid up.  The design keeps the lid perfectly aligned for easy thermometer readings, proper air seal, and air exhaust adjustments. Patented.


  • Thermometer placement is located in the exhaust tube keeping it away from potential damage and allowing you to get a temperature reading without stooping down.


  • CNC cut parts ensures a tight fit and precise, uniform looking parts.

  • Foot controlled centralized air intake lets you control the amount of air that goes into the smoker by sliding a lever with your foot.  The air intake eliminates cross wind issues and unnecessary external fixtures.


Blueprint showing all the barbecue smoker features.