30 gallon Hunsaker Vortex Smoker

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A smaller version of the Hunsaker Vortex Smoker. This is a 30 gallon smoker (regular sized Hunsaker Smokers are 55 gallons). Operates the same way as the 55 gallon Hunsaker. This smoker is portable with 8" rear wheels, a 3" swivel locking caster, and 2 stainless steel side lift/tie-down handles. 




  • 30 gallon Hunsaker Smoker painted flat black (1200 degree high temperature paint)
  • Powder coated rear axel with 8" rear wheels makes it easier to move smoker over rough ground 
  • 3" swivel locking caster ensures that your smoker stays put
  • Powder coated bottom air intake for  temperature control 
  • Optional Stainless steel side handles help with lifting smoker into vehicle. The handles have a notch for ratchet tie down straps 
  • Powder coated ergonomic lid lift handle with cool touch stainless steel spring 
  • Stainless steel floating lid hinge for raising and lowering lid
  • Powder coated exhaust with damper. Exhaust pipe has a 3" Tel-Tru stainless steel thermometer installed 
  • 17.5" stainless steel food grate
  • 5 level adjustable grate system makes it easier to raise and lower the food grate
  • Rolled heat shield helps protect the drum and finish 
  • Vortex charcoal basket with built in ash plate, lift handle, Vortex plate, and raised legs to work with the bottom air intake

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