Griddle Plate For 22" & 26" Kettle Grills - Hunsaker Vortex Smokers
Griddle Plate For 22" & 26" Kettle Grills - Hunsaker Vortex Smokers
Griddle Plate For 22" & 26" Kettle Grills - Hunsaker Vortex Smokers

Griddle Plate For 22" & 26" Kettle Grills

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Please select size by clicking on the yellow highlighted size (located below the price). This will allow you to select either the griddle plate for 22" or 26". 

Grill EVERYTHING! You stand over your stove, turning bacon and eggs on your
skillet. You love cooking breakfast, but don’t you wish you could do it outside? Convert your barbecue grill into a speedy short-order flat top with your griddle plate from Hunsaker Smokers. Your griddle nests in your 22 in or 26 in kettle grill perfectly, giving you a large, flat surface to cook up a buffet-worthy variety of deliciousness.

Yum in the Sun;

Leave monochromatic menus in the past and grill a balanced BBQ smorgasbord. Your griddle grill is an ideal surface for all the tasty things that would fall through a grate. Enjoy outdoor omelets, sunny-day stir-fries, tailgate tacos, and so much more. Simply spread your charcoal evenly, place your griddle on the grill supports, and get down to cooking.

Sturdy and Purdy;

Get excited to grill on a gorgeous 1-piece carbon steel griddle with super-fast heat transfer and warp-defying thickness. Your cooking plate is 11-gauge, ⅛ in. thick, all-American metal. Don’t worry about a synthetic coating peeling off—you get to season your griddle with your choice of cooking oils to create a non-stick surface that works with you, not against you.

Great for tailgating and parties. Adds versatility to your 22" & 26" kettle grill at an affordable price.


(1) 11 gauge carbon steel griddle plate with two handle/exhaust holes. Weighs over 12 pounds!

Seasoning instructions 


22" Kettle griddle plate measures 21.5" in diameter 

26" Kettle griddle plate measures 25.5" in diameter


Plate may have small scratches/imperfections, this will not affect the griddle or cooking at all.  

Made in Columbia, Missouri. 

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